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7000th comment

Just wanted to congratulate Colin Ogilvie for posting the 7000th comment on this blog. By my reckoning, that means that the 10 000th comment should come sometime in late 2007.
Note that the ID of that comment is 8947, which means that since the comment IDs were last reset in December 2003 there have been nearly 2000 deleted comments – the vast majority being spam.
That’s not as bad as trackback spam – I’ve had 776 legitimate trackbacks and the latest trackback had an ID of 4759. In other words, 84% of trackbacks have been spam. Yikes.


  1. I turned off Trackback last December, as the signal-to-noise ratio was awful. Only one person regularly used the facility legitimately, and Trackback spam was 4-5x more of a problem than comments spam. It just wasn’t worth it any more.
    It’s a pity, though. I like the idea of Trackback.

  2. 2000 comments and about 4000 trackbacks deleted, I wish I had that, really…
    Since I installed Akismet in late October, it’s blitzed nearly 100,000 comments and trackbacks of a spam nature. That makes me both happy, and sad at the same time.

  3. I don’t have problems with pingback spam!