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Broadband upgrade

We’re moving up to a better broadband package. Currently we’re on PlusNet’s Broadband Plus, which offers you up to 8 MBit for £14.99 per month. However, although there is no usage limit between midnight and 4pm, between 4pm and midnight we’re limited to about 4 GB per month. Hari’s new guild uses TeamSpeak for a lot of its activities and this has been sending our peak-time usage up to almost 3 GB in a week. Obviously, this is unsustainable.
We’re therefore moving to Broadband Premier, which was the package I was on last year in my previous house. Back then we were paying £29.99 per month for up to 2 MBit (limited to 1 MBit due to the quality of our line) – now it’s £21.99 and it also goes up to 8 MBit. This still has a limit for traffic between 4pm and midnight, but it’s a more reasonable 15 GB per month. For now, we’re only able to get 2 MBit since PlusNet are upgrading users in groups at a time, starting with those that have been with the service the longest, and since we’ve only been with them since October we’re probably towards the end of the queue. But the 8 MBit upgrade should only be a couple of months away, hopefully, and since it’s not (yet) an unbundled service we won’t have to be messed around with the move away from BT Wholesale.
An extra £7 per month isn’t much, especially when it is split between the three of us, and it’ll give us that bit more flexibility, especially when Hari is over. We’ll be getting the upgrade towards the end of the week hopefully tomorrow – woohoo!.
Incidentally PlusNet offers incentives to those customers who refer new users to the service. If you are interested in broadband from PlusNet, then by clicking this link and signing up I’ll get a small discount on our next bill. Though some of PlusNet’s cheaper packages are not suited for those who are heavy downloaders at peak times, or who regularly use peer-2-peer services, I would recommend them as we’ve had very good uptime and hardly any connection problems in the time we’ve been with the service. That’s my honest opinion – I’d still recommend them even if I wasn’t compensated for doing so.

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  1. If you go to you should be able to requetst a “queue jump” upgrade, although I’ve no idea on the timescales for them.