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Never the first

Something that Hari will testify is that I never seem to have the first series in any of my DVD sets. For example, I have:

  • Kill Bill vol. 2, but no vol 1
  • Men In Black 2, but no Men in Black
  • Matrix Reloaded, but no The Matrix (or Matrix Revolutions for that matter)
  • Blackadder The Third, but no Blackadder 2 or Blackadder (I have Blackadder Goes Forth on VHS)
  • Harry Potter 2, 3 and 4, but not the first one
  • Coupling series 2 and 3, but no series one (I didn’t like series 4 so I probably won’t be buying it)
  • Doctor Who parts 2, 3 and 4, but not part 1 (though I am considering buying it)

Until recently, I did have the first two series of Red Dwarf, however I have since bought them and now I have all 8 series (a fact that officially makes me a geek, I think). I also have all 3 Lord of the Rings films, though they were a box set (just the normal ones, not the extended versions – 9 hours is enough as it is), the first three Family Guy DVDs (will get around to ordering season four when it’s a bit cheaper), and both Shrek films and both Spiderman films.

By the way, May 25th is my birthday (about 3 1/2 weeks away). I’ve put some of these items on my Amazon Wishlist, so if you fancy purchasing something for me please do. The cheapest items start at under £4 (plus delivery).


  1. I’d go crazy if those gaps were on my DVD shelf… particularly when some of the movie sequels you have are not nearly as good as the originals (MIB, Original Matrix, Coupling 1, etc.). But sometimes it’s not my fault… there are some shows (like Law & Order: Criminal Intent) that release one season, then skip ahead and release season five or something. Very frustrating.
    Your Live Journal template is sweet, by the way. 🙂

  2. That would drive me crazy too. For the longest time my Brittas Empire DVD collection consisted of series 1-3 & 5-6. It was such a relief when I got 4.
    Now my big concern is uniformity of packaging. I started buying region 1 Red Dwarf DVDs (I’m in the US) but a good price and early release tempted me into getting series 5 in R2. Now that I’m ready to get series 6-8 I can’t decide between region 1 (more convenient; nicer case art IMO) and region 2 (cheaper even with the exchange rate; wouldn’t make my series 5 DVD look so out of place on shelf). I’m sure money will win out eventually…

  3. How can you not have Blackadder 2 ?!!

  4. An utterly butchered version of The Matrix was broadcast yesterday on ITV1.

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