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Cough Sneeze Groan

  • The common cold has once again decided to take residence in my body. The past two days have seen me work through half a box of tissues and today I’ve not felt too well – I was supposed to be walking up to Undercliffe Cemetary with the hiking club but I didn’t feel well enough. Hopefully I’ve passed the worst of it now.
  • Other than suffering, I’ve spent the day working on essay about wireless network security. The essay should also be the result of some practical research, so I’ll be spending tomorrow dipping in and out of Ethereal to compare the effects of no encryption, WEP and WPA-PSK. I had also considered trying to crack WEP encryption to show how weak it is but it’s not hugely straightforward and apparently requires at least 3 wifi-enabled machines on a network to do it properly.
  • When I wasn’t writing an essay, I was re-implementing something on here that I used to have enabled but for some reason it’s not anymore. You probably won’t notice it, but now most of the pages on here are GZip-enabled, which means that they are around 60% smaller in transit. Though this leads to a slightly-increased load on the server, it means that I use considerably less bandwidth, and should theoretically mean that pages appear faster for you.
  • Hari is still busy on World of Warcraft. She joined a new guild last week who seem a very friendly bunch and she’s been managing to do some of the high-level instances such as Molten Core and Zul’Gurub. So she’s happy. One day I will probably start playing WoW but it won’t be until I’ve finished my dissertation and is therefore likely to be the back-end of December at this rate – having seen how it can dominate peoples’ lives I’d rather not have it to distract me when I have more important things to be doing.
  • I made trifle on Friday night. When I say ‘made’, I meant that I followed instructions on packets – it was a ‘some assembly required’ kit from Bird’s. It turned out okay, but I did manage to burn custard onto the bottom of one of my pans. Which was clever.
  • This will be the last post in April, and one of 37 that were posted this month. I’ve noticed that since October the number of posts I’ve made has dropped quite a bit – and it was October that I met Hari. Maybe I need to issue a warning, i.e. “Girlfriends seriously harm your blogging” or something.
  • Finally, I’ve started phasing out the use of my university email address for things. It still works but it now forwards to neil [at], instead of it being an account in its own right. I will almost certainly lose use of this address in the coming 12 months so I want to make sure everything is transferred over so that I don’t lose emails. So far the only problem I’ve had is with Google Adsense, which doesn’t let you change your email address, nor does it link with my Google account.


  1. At Lancaster, we leave each UG’s e-mail account open until the November following graduation (in July). PG accounts tend to remain open until the Feb after their graduation (Dec.). However, in both cases, it’s more a matter of the processes being run whenever someone remembers and has time, so some accounts get a whole extra year or so.

  2. As far as I know Bradford closes accounts 3 months after graduation, or 3 months after leaving the university if the student drops out. They’re updated nightly – partly because the university also uses suspension of accounts as a way of punishing those who don’t pay their tuition fees ontime.

  3. 37 posts in a month. More than one a day. And that’s dropped… well I better get writing!!!

  4. Neil, if you email Google they’ll allow you link your Adsense and Gmail account, they’ll ask you for a specific date’s earnings as a security question.

  5. my daughter has had a cough snice she was born and has been tested for everything and they can not find anything wrong with her and she has had most of the cough medicine that i know of and nothing is helping her so maybe you can sudjest something for her e-mail me back at the e-mail address i gave you god bless christine cowan