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Greasemonkeying Around

Today I installed some new user scripts for Greasemonkey:

  • Human readable file size is a script that makes the file sizes on Sourceforge more readable. Normally all file sizes are given in bytes, so a 650 MB disk image would be expressed as a 9-digit number with no digit grouping (681574400 to be exact). This script converts them to something more readable, so in this example it would display ‘650 MB’ instead.
  • Bloglines Fixer – fixes the display of Atom feeds in Bloglines. Some Atom feeds display with incorrect whitespace and therefore look weird – this sorts them out since Bloglines hasn’t got around to themselves.
  • Editable Wikipedia Titles – makes the title of Wikipedia entries ‘editable’, like on Flickr. However, editing the title will just take you to the page you typed in – it won’t change the title of the page. But it does mean that if you mispell a Wikipedia URL, getting to the correct one is a bit easier.
  • Postcode Linkify – converts UK postcodes into links to Google Maps, showing a map of that postcode area. For example, with the extension BD7 1DP would link to a map of the university.
  • Always link to full LiveJournal userinfo – ensures that links to LiveJournal user info link to the full version.

I know some people object to Greasemonkey modifying their pages but in my opinion these scripts fix usability problems on these sites or save me time. It’s my browser and I’ll mash up your pages if I want to.

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