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Bloglines now accepts pings

Though I wish they’d spend more time fixing their support for Atom 1.0, Bloglines has rolled out a ping interface, which means that your blog can ping Bloglines and have new entries appear almost instantaneously. If you’re using TypePad, LiveJournal or WordPress, you don’t need to do anything, but others may need to add Bloglines to their ping services.
In Movable Type, select your blog and choose Settings, then the ‘New Entry Defaults’ tab. Under ‘Publicity/Remote Interfaces’, type ‘‘ in the box marked ‘Other’ – if there is text already there, add it on a newline after the existing text. Note that if this box already contains ‘’ then you don’t need to add this new line because Ping-o-Matic will ping Bloglines for you already.
I’d been wondering why entries I had been posting lately had appeared on Bloglines so quickly – now I know.


  1. Why does that all sound geek to me, and what did they say about geeks bearing gifts?

  2. That’ll will inherit the Earth? And that trojans are gullible?