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14 miles

I didn’t manage to all of the Yorkshire Three Peaks yesterday, since I decided to pull out at the half-way point (mainly because my legs seized up somewhat when I sat down for lunch). I did manage the first peak – Pen-y-Ghent, and got as far as Ribblehead which is in the foothills of Whernside, the second peak, and covered a distance of 14 miles which is half of the total had I completed all 3. Considering that my previous personal best was about 9 miles I reckon I have achieved something, especially as those 14 miles only took a little over 5 hours.
I did have an enjoyable day and the weather wasn’t too bad – we had a brief bit of sunshine and though it was cloudy for the rest of the day there was no rain and wasn’t too cold or windy. Because it takes up to 10 hours for some people to do the whole course, we didn’t get back to Bradford until 9:30pm (having left not long after 7am in the morning), and most of us were incredibly tired. Though not quite tired enough to avoid going for a curry at Omar’s (who sponsor the hiking club).
Pain-wise I’m not too bad – a few weeks ago I was having problems with my left knee on hikes but that didn’t flare up at all (either it’s gone away or the knee support I was wearing helped), but the soles of my feet, my ankles and my shins were sore, as was my right hand and shoulder from using my walking pole – which proved to be a great help when climbing up Pen-y-Ghent. Last time I had a minor asthma attack and almost fainted, this time I had no problems.
Today has been a lazy day since I’m still very tired from yesterday. Hari stayed at home, and is finally close to finishing her Onyxia pre-quests on World of Warcraft – it’s taken a good month and a half. Tonight will probably be spent watching one of the new DVDs I’ve acquired recently – either Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Coupling series 2 or Red Dwarf VIII. And tomorrow is the start of term. 🙁


  1. you sound a bit of a girl really.
    My girlfriend managed to walk 15 miles today.
    I’ve completed the three peaks………three times……….first time when I was 12. Its not overly hard.

  2. Good on you all the same – 14miles is not to be sniffed at! You can start planning your next attempt now.
    I’m certainly inspired to check this out myself sometime – after your last mention I was checking it out in the latest copy of ‘Trail’ and it looks fab. Just have to find an excuse to get up there from Reading now.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the curryhouse recommendation too. Last time we were in Bradford we noticed how many curry houses had actually *closed* in favour of these KFC-style dodgey places.
    Is Omar’s a shocktastic website or what?!

  4. Oddly enough I keep running out of steam at about 15 miles on my bike at the moment. Last time out a quick meal break was enough to get me the extra 5 miles back to the car.
    I certainly used to be able to do 30 miles walking in a day (20 years ago as a scout) so you’ve got a bit of fitness still to build. Keep it up. You’re still young & you will definitely get there.

  5. 14 miles isn’t that bad, it’s about the distance I can comfortably walk in a day – perhaps a little more on flatter terrain and a little less in bad footwear. Just keep it up, ocaisionaly push yourself a little further and you’ll soon be able to complete it.
    And Baz – actually, some of those “KFC-style dodgey places” are both nice and cheap – pick the ones with lots of asians in, don’t make a fool of yourself, and you’ll be fine. But yes – Omars is still a favourite.

  6. I know what you mean about the knee pain – I did something to my knee when walking up (and down) Jacobs ladder (which was a cool place to go) – my knee would start to hurt after about 7 miles of walking after that – not much fun and it took about a year of walking before it stopped hurting – the doc just prescribed ibuprofen.
    Still – 14 miles isn’t bad – probably more than anyone else (put together?) did this weekend.