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Going back to Bradford

I’m about to set off back to Bradford, ahead of the start of term on Monday. I’m going back early because I’m going to be doing a lot of walking on Saturday – 26 miles, no less. Myself and a few other students from Bradford are doing the Three Peaks – the three highest mountains in the Yorkshire Dales – in one day, so i want to be able to get back and be settled before then. I’m not doing it as a sponsored activity, just as a personal challenge since I’ve never walked that far before – my current personal best is about 9 miles.
Hari is also coming back to Bradford tonight, so I’ll get to see her again. It’s only been 6 days since I saw her last but we do miss each other a lot. If you’re wondering what she looks like, here’s a photo – she’s the one on the right 🙂 .


  1. Heh. So not the Three Peaks, then – Snowdon, Scafell and Ben Nevis?
    Have fun. I haven’t done the Yorkshire Three Peaks as a single walk (yet).

  2. Sounds like hard work! Planning to do the cumbrian way in 3 days later in the year – getting better with distance every weekend.
    Suggest you start taking ibuprofen at breakfast and keep it up during the day – should reduce muscle pain – especially if you are doing a distance you have never done before.

  3. Hey.
    Stop teasing. Show us a picture of Hari. I’m really curious as to what you both look like together, as you always talk about her, but we never see her!

  4. Nice one Neil – great photo, you piqued the voyeur in me for certain!
    Good luck with the walk. I’m into a bit of walking myself and can assure you going from 9 miles to 26 is going to be a bit hellish. Comfy boots? Arranged plentiful amounts of beer at the end of it all?
    I’m sure you’ll let us know how you get along.

  5. I was going to write something saucy about Hari looking very lickable (the chocolate connection) but this is a family blog so I’ll refrain… 😉 She does have a lovely silhouette though.