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The Movable Type Plugin Manager

Byrne Reese, Six Apart’s Manager of Platform Technology, has released Plugin Manager – a Movable Type ‘über-plugin’ for managing plugins. It goes beyond Movable Type 3.2’s existing plugin management system, which only lets you configure or disable plugins, and adds a simple install plugin install system and a ‘Find Updates’ button which lets you easily update existing plugins. It’s modelled on Firefox’s Extension Manager.
Such a plugin has been long-awaited – I seem to recall David Raynes attempting something similar in the MT 2.x days but not getting very far – and though Movable Type’s built-in plugin support has improved considerably recently it’s a welcome addition.
That said, the plugin is a bit of a pain to install, especially if you do not have shell access to your server. There are quite a lot of prerequisite Perl modules to install, with some having further prerequesites of their own, which may mean a lot of downloading and uploading. Also, only a handful of plugins actually work with Plugin Manager right now so it’s usefulness is somewhat limited until the various plugin authors update their offerings to integrate with it.
But then, this is the first pre-release and things may well change in future.


  1. It’s nice to hear that a few people out there still remember.

  2. People should be happy to know that I have compiled a simple “Prerequisite Bundle” for download [1].
    This download includes all of the perl modules that do not ship with Movable Type or Perl by default.
    It is not the silver bullet to my install problem, but it goes a long way to making it easier to install.

  3. I think I may have read about that pulg-in from 2.x days.