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New Movable Type plugins

A couple of interesting new Movable Type plugins came to light over the weekend, which I’m going to review here just in case you haven’t picked up on them.


This plugin allows MT to check comments and trackback pings with Akismet, a hosted web service by the authors of WordPress which can help to verify if a message is spam, or otherwise. It integrates with Movable Type’s junk scoring system – comments which are junk get 1 added to their junk score, and comments which are not get 1 subtracted from their junk score.
To use it, you’ll need a account with an API key – see this page for details, but installation is simple. I have only been able to do some limited testing so far but I have had 2 false-negatives from it (spam comments which it said were not spam). However, because it integrates with MT’s junk scoring system, other plugins such as SpamLookup can also affect the total junk score and in both cases neither comment was approved. It’s still worth having though.


When a comment or trackback ping is posted to an entry, normally it’s the entry’s author who receives email notification of this. But if you have a blog with several authors, only one of whom is the administrator, it means that the administrator does not get notified of comments. NotifyWho?! lets you specify precisely who gets notified about comments. I haven’t installed this one yet since I’m the sole author here, but if, for example, I gave Hari an account and she posted a couple of entries, then she’d get the notifications and not me. NotifyWho?! would allow me to force all notifications to come to me.


  1. Sorry if I’ve double posted.
    I emailed Akismet for such a plug-in when Akismet (WP) was first released.

  2. I reckon you can get rid of all the other Spam plugins you have! Since Akismet came out it’s the only anti-spam plugin I use on WP. Unfortunately the servers seem to be taking a hammering! –

  3. Akismet is an interesting one, rather than doing your own filtering with opensource software you’re relying on a commercial service which is currently being provided for free to non-profits and personal blogs only. There’s absolutely nothing to stop them withdrawing the service, and absolutely nothing to stop them charging everybody in order to use it.

  4. And there’s nothing to stop Google charging for Gmail tomorrow either, doesn’t mean I won’t use it.

  5. I’m keeping my other anti-spam plugins. Akismet has so far had 3 false-positives and had it been my only line of defence then they would have been published. My other anti-spam plugins (namely SpamLookup) have ensured that these comments stayed in the junk folder.
    That said, SpamLookup missed a spam comment which Akismet said was spam. I suppose by using all of them, they can each compensate for each others’ flaws.

  6. Thanks for the tipoff, I’ve just installed MT-Akismet and have my fingers crossed.