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Threatening to sue a spammer

Having read this guide, I am seriously thinking about sending the following letter:

Dear Sir,

On Friday 14th Apri 2006 I received an email communication from your company, [name removed], regarding seminars that you are running in London. This email was unsolicited – I have neither heard nor made any previous contact with your company, and the email was sent to a personal email address that is not listed publicly. The email is therefore a violation of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations of 2003.

I wish to recieve no further communication from your company, and demand that you remove my name, email address and all other personal information about me from your database and records. I would also request that you detail all information that you currently have on file about my identity, in line with the Data Protection Act 1998, and indicate where you found this private email address from.

Should you fail to comply with this request and further communication is received, then I shall reserve the right to pursue this matter through the Small Claims Court, as I regard these unsolicited messages as an annoyance and a nuisance.

Yours Faithfully,

Neil Turner

Though most of my spam comes from outside the UK (and a lot of it not even in English), I do get a few items from UK companies, this being an example one. Really, these companies should have no excuse. As it happens, the company in question chose to print its postal address in Bedford.
Update (29th April): Oh dear, another email from them. Now it gets interesting šŸ™‚ .


  1. If only they all did that.

  2. good luck – hope you get a proper response – it would be nice for someone else to show them what scum they are. Why did you hide the company name? – I’d have left it in for some negative googleranking šŸ˜‰

  3. > Why did you hide the company name? – Iā€™d have left it in for some negative googleranking
    Because I don’t want to get sued myself. You know what these spammers are like…
    In any case, there was no URL in the spam message, just a postal address and an 0845 telephone number.

  4. …sue the bastards, sue the bastards, sue the bastards, sue the bastards…

  5. Was this an NLP seminar by any chance?
    I got spammed by an NLP seminar company to the email address that was ONLY ever published on . . .