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Google Maps vs Yahoo Maps Beta

Yahoo Maps Beta has just launched satellite imagery, in the style of Google Maps. It has some coverage for the whole world, but only the US is shown in detail. The imagery for the UK is the same as Google outside big towns and cities but Google wins in places like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds where you can pick out cars on roads, for example.
I also noticed its road maps were woefully out of date – roads like the A1237 York bypass, the A1 Newcastle Western Bypass and the A63 Clive Sullivan Way in Hull, aren’t on there, which means it dates from somewhere in the mid-1980s. There’s also no names on the roads either.
The mapping is so out of date that on hybrid mode, you can see roads on the satellite imagery that have been built, but with no line over them to show that they are actually a road. Google, on the other hand, tends to have the opposite problem, with the imagery being about 3 years old but the mapping data is from last year, so there are roads like the new A1(M) between Wetherby and Walshford which appears to go across several fields.
Having data that is a few years out of date is excusable, but Yahoo’s data is almost 20 years old. Not good when your larger rival is already offering better data.


  1. Google is good. Simple.

  2. I find in Ireland that Microsoft’s offering beats both of them hands down. Google is terrible in Ireland. It’s got stacks of roads missing and on top of that has some bizarre hodgepodge of Irish names and English names. For example they have Gallimh not Galway for Ireland’s 4th city.

  3. Sorry about the double posting Neil, I kept getting warnings saying I had a Zero byte reply or something.

  4. Don’t worry, I keep getting those too, unfortunately. My host’s CGI platform has been rather unreliable of late, despite the move to a new server.

  5. What about Ask’s maps? Nice zoom-in with scroll wheel (same in Microsoft and Google with greasemonkey script).

  6. Google still winning here.