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Trying to find a local Pizza Hut

Here’s one for This Is Broken:
I wanted to know where the Pizza Huts are in Leeds. So, I went to Pizza Hut’s UK web site, but their ‘Find Us’ tool insists that you give it a postcode before telling you where the nearest restaurants to your postcode are.
Now that’s fine if you know your postcode and want to go to your local restaurant. But I don’t – I want to go to one in another town. I don’t know what central Leeds postcodes are like, and you have to give a full postcode so typing ‘LS1’ doesn’t work. Why can’t I just have a box where I can type ‘Leeds’ and get a list of restaurants in around Leeds?
As it happens, it ended up being easier to just type ‘pizza hut’ in Leeds into Google Local. It gives you maps too.


  1. Actually, it’s not broken it’s simply not as featureful as you want. It’s very easy to convert a full postcode to a longitude and latitude, and from that you can easily work out the nearest pizza hut. However it isn’t very easy to work out an exact longitude and latitude from “Leeds” or “LS1”.
    Yes you could store city names in a database and then allow users to search on city name. But that wouldn’t tell you where the nearest Pizza Hut is – try searching for Pizza Huts in London and you’d give up trying to find which one is nearest. And you’d need to store more than just the city, Ilkley has an LS postcode so technically is Leeds – but you wouldn’t search for Leeds, you’d search for Ilkley.

  2. I am emailling to inform who ever it may concern of the poor service i received at at a local Pizza Hut resturaunt. Me and several of my friends went to Star City to see a film we arrived early to have a meal! we regulary eat at Pizza Hut in Cannock so know of the service to expect. As we entered to resturaunt We where left standing at the door for ten minuets before we where even spoken to! we where then taken to our seats a fetched drinks. Our order was taken relatively quickly, a further twenty minuets past and our food had yet to arrive. at this point we where all extremely hungary but what annoyed us more then anything two tabes who had entered the resturaunt after us had been given there meal one of which was eating desserts! a further ten minuets pas and i asked how much longer we would have to waite a waiter went to fetch our food when it arrived to us it was cold! the girl who served us then took away our glasses and procceded to refill them she then charged us for doing so when we later questioned her on unlimited free refills offer on coke (which we all had) she was rude a walked away! i feel that the service was extremely poor and as i am a supervisor of a resturaunt would be embaressed if any of my cutomers left after being treated that way.

  3. What abismal service I have had today at Pizza Hut. I certainly won’t be returning there. Considering we’re a family of 5 who dine there frequently I’m surprised that they are not bothered. We ordered take away pizza today for the first time. We normally eat in but my husband was unwell. I went to collect at the allocated time and grew more and more frustrated as I was ignored at the counter by at least 5 members of staff, one of whom was only keeping glasses. After over 5 minutes I had to call someone over tho turned out to be completely useless. He went off to check on my order at the hatch and then headed off in the other direction without updating me. A little while later another gent came over to check the name. I gave our surname and he advised they didn’t have an order in that name. Seemingly they’d elected to note only my husband’s christian name. Of course a prompt of ‘full name’ would have resolved but that would be too much like common sense. After about 12 minutes in the restaurant they finally clicked and I ended up with barely luke warm pizza which I had to warm up when I got home. I rang to complain, spoke to the Manager, Tony. When I asked what he planned to do about the situation he asked for my opinion as he was only a Trainee. I suggested this might be a learning opportunity for him which he should consider or seek advice on and call me back. I’m still waiting. Someone bring Dominos Pizza to North Wales. Great service, hot pizza!

  4. Dear Sir/Madm.
    Iam trying to find a pizza hut in leeds.
    city centre but I can not find one.
    So can you help me.
    yours faithfully