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Busy day

Screenshot of Local Area Connection Properties
This is how much data has been uploaded/downloaded on my parents’ computer today. Much of that is transferring files to and from my laptop. It’s now got all the programs and utilities it needs on it to run, along with all of the drivers and so forth. Speed-wise it is now much faster, especially at startup.
I’ve also put the MIX06 release of Windows Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview (to give it its full title) – part of the reason for re-installing Windows, other than speed and disk space, was being unable to install IE7. I can verify that this site works fine in it.


  1. How many moovies you upload at that busy day :))). Only sites can’t do this statistic!!!
    And moovies and files is not busy day it is just funk!

  2. oh wow !!
    did you have something like emule running ?
    seems that someone synced lotta movies 🙂