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  • I’m back in Bradford after a slightly extended stay at Hari’s parents. It’s only for one night though – hopefully I should be back in York tomorrow for a week or so.
  • Apple’s release of Boot Camp should mean that when I contemplate buying a new laptop next year I’ll be seriously considering an iBook or MacBook Pro, rather than a HP or something. That way I’ll get my Windows (which will hopefully be Vista by then) and Mac OS X too. I probably won’t by Toshiba again after the hard disk incident, or Dell, because their laptops suck donkey balls, apparently. Even if they do start at only £299…
  • Speaking of Mac OS X, it has just notified me of version 10.4.6, which I didn’t realise was out yet. Oh well.
  • Today I bought a copy of Linux Magazine, since my usual techy read (PC Plus) wasn’t on sale. I think that’s the first time I’ve bought a Linux magazine. Interestingly though, most of its features were about applications which also ran on Windows and other operating systems – programs like Audacity and Firefox.
  • Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection means that I can now play Sudoku on my Mac. Or my laptop, for that matter, since it’s cross-platform. It’s by the guy who made PuTTY so they should be well made. Found via Download Squad.


  1. The 10.4.6 update is for BootCamp.

  2. Now what about vice-versa for BootCamp?