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Random Queries #22

I’m sorry that it’s been some time since one of these was published – as it happens, I actually write these in advance and then have Movable Type post them automatically. Unfortunately the Cron job that I’ve had running to do this hasn’t been working since the server move so I’m having to post them manually. Anyway, here’s todays.

where is the dollar going

It depends which dollar you mean. If it’s the US dollar, then it isn’t really going anywhere, at least against the Great British Pound – it’s been around $1.80 for some time now. It isn’t, however, returning to the highs of $1.40 against the pound that it achieved in the late nineties. I’m not so sure about other currencies.

One Comment

  1. Perhaps the person responsible for the query was looking for this site:
    If you want to know where a specific U.S. dollar is going, Where’s George may actually be able to tell you.