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Can it get any quieter?

I’m afraid this ol’ blog is potentially about to get quite a bit quieter over the next week or so. On Saturday I’m going down to the West Midlands with Hari for a few days, and although I will be taking my laptop I may not have much time to blog or casually surf the internet fot stuff. So don’t expect a flurry of entries this weekend.
As it happens Hari and I are travelling down separately on Saturday – I’m taking the train while she takes the coach. It’s purely for financial reasons – we didn’t book her tickets until today and a single ticket on the train was going to cost more than a return ticket by coach. However, it still works out much cheaper if I take the train, so we’ll see who gets there first.
Hari made it to level 60 on World of Warcraft on Sunday. She’s now doing a hideously difficult pre-quest to get into a high-level guild who list it on their prerequisites. Half the fun is actually getting a group together to be able to do the instance (Blackrock Depths). The latest WoW patch has also benefitted her quite a bit – now, the XP bar disappears when you hit 60 instead of being frozen, and you get money instead of experience for completing quests (or extra money if the quest had a monetary reward). Which is handy.
I’m also not going to be re-installing Windows on my laptop just yet. My source for an XP Pro license fell through, so when I get back to York in a week and a half I’ll just use the XP Home CD that came with the machine. There isn’t much extra that Pro has over Home that I need, seeing as it’s mostly for home use anyway.
Hope you all have a good weekend, if I don’t post anything for the next few days.


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  2. She needs to get attuned for Molten Core then? That’s actually not that hard, though I think you do need to get past some nice Fire Elementals to finish the quest.
    I’m afraid if Hari ends up in a Raiding guild then you may not be seeing much of her on raid nights 😉