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Choo Choo Trains

Train at Oxenhope Yesterday Hari and I spent an afternoon in Howarth. We’ve both been quite busy recently so it was nice to have a day together where we could sit in pubs and browse quaint little tourist shops for once.
You can drive to Howarth, or take the bus, but the best way to get there is by train. Howarth is served by the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway so at weekends (and school holidays) there is a steam train service there. I’ve been on that line before but not in a very long time, so it was nice to visit again; Hari had never been on it before. Howarth was somewhere I’d only ever been through on the train – I’d never been into the town itself. It’s a nice place though and I’d recommend it.
My photos of Howarth itself still need sorting but here are my steam railway photos as a starter. I was tempted to make a couple of them sepia and grainy since some of the photos could easily have been taken years ago.


  1. Last time I was on a steam train was about 12 years ago

  2. In the north east, we have the oldest train in the world (in Darlington).

  3. The Bluebell Railway runs through (and under) my village so I can hear the trains running at the weekends. I went on it last April when my friend Bonita came over from the States to visit.
    Eventually they’ll be able to link the line back up to the mainline, but first they need to re-lay the track from Kingscote station and dig out the cuttings that got filled in after the tracks were lifted.
    It’s a real shame that they didn’t get permission to rebuild the station at Sharpthorne, it would’ve been nice to have been able to walk to the bottom of my road and hop on a steam train to get into town.