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Removing Starforce Copy Protection

A few weeks ago I found that Hari’s computer had StarForce Copy Protection installed on it, after reading it about it on BoingBoing. It was left over from a game that she used to have but had since uninstalled, since uninstalling a game that bundles Starforce’s copy protection does not remove the protection as well.
By following these instructions I was able to remove it, since its effects on a system are worrying. Essentially it can make a system much more vulnerable to virus infections, and if the copy protection software doesn’t like what you are doing it can reboot your system. It can also cause stability problems and system slowdowns, according to Wikipedia and its cited sources.

There’s more on the Boycott Starforce web site, including how to find out if Starforce is on your system. It’s a nasty piece of software and if you don’t need it on there you should get rid of it.

(Note: Starforce staff have a habit of attacking sites where information criticisng their product is published. Please bear this in mind when reading the comments)

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  1. Copy protection is becoming more and more an issue as more companies adopt it. But when you hear things like this, the first thing that comes to mind is: What’s the point? BTW check out my blog. I think you’ll like it.