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Feeling better

Health-wise I’m now feeling much better – my temperature is back to normal and I’m actually able to get out of bed for longer periods. I’ve managed all my lectures so far this week too. Unfortunately Hari got what I had be she too is now recovering as well, thankfully.
Almost everyone I know is ill or has recently been ill with something, whether it’s been a cold, ‘flu (and I mean real, heavy ‘flu), glandular fever, tonsilitis or various other ear and chest infections. The winter bugs seem to be highly contagious this year.


  1. I’ve had a cold mixed with asthma twice this year.

  2. While you guys are still freezing up north, we Indians are already sweating our handkerchiefs yet.


  4. Glad you’re feeling better Neil. Hasn’t this been a bad winter for colds and flu though? Just about everyone I know has had a really bad dose of flu between December and March (except me, touch wood). Roll on the spring!

  5. I’m just getting over my first and only cold of the winter, it lasted two whole days. Lucky me. For a change.
    Glad you’re feeling better Neil.