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Retiring my ICQ number

I’ve decided that the time has come to retire my ICQ number. By the end of the month I’m intent on leaving ICQ together, so I’m making people aware of this fact now so that anyone who still wishes to contact me through another method can do so.
If it interests you, here are my reasons for leaving:

  1. Increase in spam Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a marked increase in the amount of spam I’ve been getting over ICQ. I’ve also been getting authorisation requests from various highly-numbered accounts which seem to have been automatically generated by spammers which are also annoying.
  2. Lack of use Only 3 people on my buddy list use ICQ exclusively and I honestly can’t remember the last time I spoke to any of them (which probably means never). Most others have sign-ins on other networks which can be used instead.
  3. ICQ is compatible with AIM If anyone using ICQ is desperate to contact me then almost all ICQ-compatible clients can also communicate over AOL Instant Messenger. All any ICQ user would need to do is send a message to my AIM account (totalxsiva) instead of my ICQ number.

So if you have my ICQ number on your buddy list and nothing else, you can add my AIM address (totalxsiva), or, if you use a multi-platform client like Trillian or Adium, you can also add my Jabber/Google Talk address (nrturner {at} gmail [dot] com) or my Yahoo! address (nrturneruk). I may even give you my MSN Messenger address if you’re lucky.


  1. I stopped using it when someone pinched my icq number, which was a low 6digit number.

  2. I completely understand. I have been thinking about it for several months. I am sick of maintaining 6 IM accounts. Short of AIM and Gtalk, I haven’t used any other IM in a long time.

  3. Noone uses ICQ now; due to the length.

  4. I still have my 5-digit # and still use it plus all the other ones but Trillian manages it well for me πŸ™‚

  5. I like ICQ πŸ™‚
    Does any of the other ones let you send an IM to an offline colleague and deliver it when they next go online?
    I find this really useful for contacts with less than stable internet connections…

  6. > Does any of the other ones let you send an IM to an offline colleague and deliver it when they next go online?
    Yep, Yahoo does, I think. AOL may, since it uses the same protocol. I don’t think MSN does though, nor Jabber.

  7. Yahoo is the only IM account I don’t have I think as I don’t know anyone who uses it πŸ™‚
    AIM doesn’t πŸ™ At least not in Trillian…

  8. ICQ……ahhh the good old days.

  9. I still have my 6 digit ICQ UIN, although I stopped using it a few years ago. I doubt anyone still on my contact list uses it either.
    I now use MSN Messenger (with MessengerPlus!) religiously, since it’s by far the best for webcam and voice support – probably because Microsoft have worked so closely with Logitech.
    I used to use Yahoo! Messenger until I got fed up with the terrible webcam support, I could receive just fine but cam would just freeze and I’d have to restart it my end until it froze again.
    Most of my contacts have eventually moved over to MSN as well, I don’t really have anyone on AIM, ICQ or Yahoo! who hasn’t got an MSN account.

  10. How do I get an ICQ number?

  11. Just wanted to quickly note that blueyes is full of sh*t because the first ICQ number issued was 100000 (6 digits) and all subsequent numbers only increased in size. Hence, it is impossible for you to have a 5-digit number, since none ever existed.

  12. brendan: First ICQ number was 10000…
    Does anyone have an ICQ number with 5 – 7 digits which can give to me? I want short ICQ number…
    ICQ 257-954-265

  13. Hey, guys !
    I didn`t got the times when I would of received a five-or-six digits UIN for ICQ? but I still want to πŸ˜‰
    So if anyone, by any reasons, would decide to stop use his own UIN, would u guys make it as a little present for me ? :)))
    My ICQ is 243-426-485 πŸ˜‰
    Best wishes, Vlad…

  14. I want a 5-7 digits icq number too!
    If not, 8 digits is right!

  15. I used to have 1639442 ICQ number since 1996… always had it(even if seldom used it). But one day (in 2008) was just not possible to login anymore, several friends with low ICQ numbers (that also still used it) also happened, all forced to get new 9 digit numbers… if anyone would know why… or be willing to send me a low digit ICQ# to I would be much in debt.

  16. Sir,
    I have requested help with this before, but nobody bothered to answer.
    With the “new” version of ICQ, I can enter text in the box, however when I press “enter” or “send”, the text does not appear in the main box. I have to re-open ICQ to see it.
    Also, comments from other users do not show in the main box until I close it and re-open it.
    This is a pain in the ass. I deleted the “new” version and reinstalled the old version, and it worked fine. Now, however, ICQ’s server won’t let me sign in with the old version, so I downloaded the “new” version again. Same problem!
    Any typed message did not appear in chat window; message from friends did not appear unless I closed the window. Then the message from them would appear in the bubble at the bottom, and when I opened the chat again it was there. Tried re-install and searched settings, nothing there. Would appreciate your help.
    Either I get some help or I go to Yahoo.
    Is this some way for ICQ to put themselves out of business, or what?

  17. Hello I’m looking for
    Even a few short so if something
    Can give me I would be happy