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Dying quietly

I’m a bit under the weather at the moment. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a bad cold or mild ‘flu, since it’s much worse than any of the colds I’ve had over the past few years but not as bad as ‘flu (i.e. I can actually get myself out of bed). I have a sore throat, heavy cough, high temperature (though I still shiver sometimes) and my head feels like lead. I also get very dehydrated, despite drinking far more than my usual intake of water.
Hopefully it’s nothing major and it’ll go away in a few days – though I feel well enough to go to lectures I can’t see myself doing much socialising this week, and caffeine and alcohol are off the menu for now. Hari is doing a good job about fussing over me though.


  1. Do you also have a stiff neck, with the stiffness carrying on past the shoulder and part way down your arm on one side of your body?
    Just wondering if its the same thing I had.

  2. I don’t actually, though now you mention it my shoulder is a bit sore. No stiff neck though.

  3. Look after yourself. May be best not to go to lectures as you don’t wanna spread that around in such a small crowded environment.