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Back home safely

I’m back in Bradford, since the roads were clear today and it actually stopped snowing. We had intended to leave at 10am yesterday, but as the snow was still falling quite heavily we reckoned any attempt to clear the roads would be futile since they’d be covered again within an hour or so. We were also in small city cars, not 4×4 vehicles which can cope with snow and ice better.
One of the three cars did manage to get back to Bradford yesterday, but this was mainly due to a stroke of luck, i.e. being behind a snowplow, but also that the car was better than the other two. It would have been too risky for the other cars to go, so we decided to spend another night in Grasmere and go back today. Though there was still a lot of snow around, it was not snowing and so the roads had remained clear, and so we managed to get back without any problems.
Other than the mild inconvinience the snow caused, I had a good time. I’ve taken lots of photos, despite my camera wanting to eat batteries for breakfast, and we managed to walk 7 miles on Saturday. Doesn’t sound a lot but that included climbing 1800 ft up a hill.
This week is going to be heavy, since the union elections are on Thursday and Hari is in a show that opens this weekend at the theatre on campus, so she’s busy with that every night this week. Still, only two weeks to go until the Easter break.

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