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The alliance, horde and unordered lists

  • As well as the terrorism issue, the university have more fun tomorrow in the form of a strike by lecturers belonging to the AUT union, which will lead to a lot of lecture cancellations, though admittedly most universities are affected by this. Fortunately for me it means I have tomorrow morning off so I’m free to go out tonight for a change.
  • Came across a potentially useful program called DriverCleaner which removes the remnants of graphics drivers. You only really need it if you are doing a major upgrade to your drivers or have bought a new card and want to remove the old drivers that may be left over. It’s free but there’s a ‘platinum’ version that you can buy too.
  • For some reason, the MailScanner system on this server has stopped working. MailScanner incorporates SpamAssassin with a virus filter, and I have it set to discard all virus-infected emails and any emails that it thinks are almost certainly spam (those that get a low SpamAssassin score are still delivered to my inbox, albeit with a modified subject line). Because it’s not working, I’m getting lots of virus-infected emails and more than my usual serving of spam, which is a bit annoying.
  • If you’re a Movable Type user, here’s a fix to a bug in Movable Type 3.2 which makes the comment submission process much, much faster. This should mean that if you comment here, the page will load much quicker. And the fix merely consists of one extra line of code in one file.

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