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Good customer service

Since I’ve been blogging quite a bit about the Royal Mail’s customer service at the Bradford South depot, or rather the lack thereof, I thought I’d say something about some good customer service that Hari had today. Her World of Warcraft subscription needed renewing and she hadn’t paid, so her account was cut off as a result. She paid this morning but for some reason nothing happened, so she sent Blizzard Entermtainment Europe an email.
She got a response about three hours later, from an actual person. There’d been some problems processing her payment details, so Blizzard had decided to give her a free one-day extension to her subscription so that she could continue to play until it was sorted.
It may not seem like much but it was a kind gesture and Hari had been rather desperate to play on WoW today as she had the day off.

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  1. It’s terrific to start the day by reading about people who get it right — thanks for this story and I am glad this offering was extended!