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Women Bloggers, Part IV

As part of a series of posts running up to International Womens Day, I’m linking to a different female blogger every day, and explaining why I like their blog. Today it’s the turn of Daisy at Chasing Daisy.
Though her blogging has been less frequent of late, I’ve always enjoyed Daisy’s postings. Most of her entries link to other sites of interest, rather than being purely original content, but her links are always interesting and there’s the occasional amusing image forwarded in an email too. Having a mutual liking of BBC Radio 4 also helps.

One Comment

  1. Why thank you! I just came to copy/paste a trackback from you to find the mention. I’ll stop blushing and agree that I’ve been a right slacker of late (some hideousness going on in the Real World) but fingers crossed, that’s changing soon.
    And yes, let’s hear it for the Radio 4 appreciation society!