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Revenge of the definition list

Got back from Hari’s parents okay, though the trains between Leeds and Bradford were very delayed on both occasions. The first was because the train in front had broken down, and the second was that the train that the crew were on had broken down so they couldn’t get to Leeds to get the train running on time. Getting down to the station on Friday was interesting too – we ended up taking a bus because it was too slippy to walk and the taxis were all stuck in traffic.
Server upgrade
Next weekend this site is due to be moved to a new, improved server, which should mean this site is faster and reduce some of the timeout problems I’ve been having with MT lately. This will mean that the DNS entries of the site will change so it’s possible that you may have some temporary problems accessing the site on Sunday when the change is due to happen.
Red Dwarf VIII, the last series, is finally out on DVD on Monday 27th March. CD-Wow have it for £13.99, and are selling the limited edition with a scutter Corgi toy for £16.99. Naturally I’ve ordered it already.
New stuff
When making pancakes on Tuesday it occurred to me that I didn’t own any scales, thus making the measuring out of 110g of flour a little difficult (turns out it’s about 4 tablespoons). So yesterday I bought one, along with a cheese grater since I didn’t have one of those either. I’ve already managed to grate my thumb on it though.

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