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Disabling plugins

Although this site is due to move to a new server next weekend, I’ve managed to alleviate the timeout problems somewhat simply by disabling any plugins that I don’t need. I have a grand total of 39 plugins in this Movable Type installation, and when a page is loaded the active plugins are loaded into memory in case they need processing. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of strain on the server and lately has lead to many operations, especially rebuilds, timing out.
Thankfully, I don’t actually need all of those plugins. Some are installed merely for convinience – I’ve used them in the past and may use them in the future but right now they’re not doing anything, so I could easily disable them. Even disabling just 5 plugins was enough to stop my pages timing out on this occasion. Unfortunately, I need the other 34 plugins for various reasons – cross-posting to LiveJournal, managing spam, adding acronyms and emoticons, OpenID and a whole load of template add-ons.
The situation should improve with future releases as apparently Six Apart are planning a code change that would only load the necessary plugins into memory, not all of them. This should make the MT experience much zippier, and will stop web servers breaking into a mild sweat every time someone rebuilds an entry.

One Comment

  1. 39!?! Holy cow — mind sharing which 39 they are? You can e-mail privately, if need be — my 5 are doing just fine, thank you 🙂
    (Though your site does have many things I wish I had — been meaning to implement your PHPTypeKey, just haven’t gotten around to it.)