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Women Bloggers, Part III

As part of a series of posts running up to International Womens Day, I’m linking to a different female blogger every day, and explaining why I like their blog. Today it’s the turn of Kim at Revolving Duck.
Quite why I started Kim’s blog I am unsure of, but it was some time during 2002 when I was still using Blogger and she was using this fancy all-singing, all-dancing blogging system called Movable Type that I was eager to start using. As it happens, I’m now using MT and Kim’s graduated to WordPress.
Kim is a student in palaeontology in Montana, as well as being a self-confessed geek who not only knows what Linux actually is but uses it regularly – not something many girls would be able to claim. She’s also on the road to converting to Catholicism, which makes for interesting reading. Kim’s style of writing is personal but also very witty and I always perk up when I see an unread item on her blog in Bloglines.


  1. Hi Neil, I’m interested in why you chose the word “graduated” [“graduated to WordPress”]. Are you thinking of graduating to WordPress in the future or are you happy with MT? It seems all the cool kids are switching to WP now.

  2. I’m happy with MT, as it happens, but a lot of bloggers have moved. Personally I find MT more suited to my needs.
    I just chose ‘graduated’ as it sounded better than ‘moved’.

  3. Word up Neil, thanks for the nod. 🙂