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Women Bloggers, Part II

As part of a series of posts running up to International Womens Day, I’m linking to a different female blogger every day, and explaining why I like their blog. Today it’s the turn of Meredith at, another female blogger who I’ve been reading for a long time now.
I first knew Meredith not for her blog but as an editor at the Open Directory Project where I used to volunteer regularly. Though I’m no longer active at the ODP I still enjoy reading Meredith’s writing and her links, since she seems to find some really cool stuff. Lately she’s been writing for NonFicWriMo and about her recent Geocaching experiences, but she also mentions her experiences of her job as a sign-language interpreter, and about being Jewish and a lesbian in a committed relationship. While her entries can be quite personal it makes for a sometimes fascinating insight into a life that is very different from my own.


  1. Interesting idea, funny thing is, most of the blogs I read are by women. They seem to have more things to say and more time to say them.

  2. I’m not an ODP editor, but I’m a Wikipediaholic with nearly 2500 edits.

  3. Wow, Neil, thank you so much. I am really touched by your inclusion of me in this! We have known each other for several years – before either of us started blogging, I think? – and I am so flattered to be on your list. Thank you!