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Houston, we have a package

  • At last, I have finally managed to pick the package up from the Bradford South Royal Mail depot. This was only because I happen to have Friday mornings off and had nothing especially important to do, so I could wander down there. Still, there were quite a few people queueing there so I’m guessing most people have realised that phoning them up is useless and that they need to pick it up in person.
  • Hari and I are going down to her parents near Birmingham tonight as planned, though we’re only stopping for one night as getting back to Bradford by 2pm on a Sunday is going to be impossible without leaving at about 8am. We’ve also got a friend with a birthday party on Saturday night so we’ll be able to go to the end of that hopefully.
  • And, as sod’s law goes, as soon as we go away for a couple of days Hari’s internet gets fixed. Telewest seemed to want to imply that the problem was that her and her housemates were using it too much, or that their modem was faulty, but it turns out there has been a problem with the router in this area which has now been fixed and everything is rosy again. incidentally Hari’s been spending most of her time at my house this week so that she can play World of Warcraft without being disconnected every 5 minutes.
  • And now I’m off for a pub lunch. Have a good weekend.

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