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Women Bloggers, Part I

On March 8th it is International Womens Day (and No Smoking Day in the UK) and Gia has challenged people to link to 5 female bloggers before then. Including today and the day itself, that’s 7 days, so I’ll link to one female blogger that I read regularly each day and say why I read them.
Today’s blogger is Firda at Weblog Wannabe, who I’ve chosen because she was one of the first female bloggers I subscribed to back in 2002, and have been reading ever since. She manages to be both witty and interesting, and I’ve always admired her skills in web design. In fact, I dare say it was Firda’s site that first convinced me to move from a tables-based design to CSS, three and a half years ago.
Firda is still blogging today and recently celebrated 6 years of blogging which is far longer than many A-listers. I still enjoy reading her posts and I hope you will do too.


  1. Mommy blogs have made women bloggers get a bad rep. My favourite blog written by a woman is Sarahintampa and Lifehacker.

  2. Aww, thanks Neil! I’m flattered. Now I feel bad for not updating very often. When they get around to organising International Men’s Day, you’ll be on my list. 😉

  3. great idea this – I’ll try and catchup.
    However wouldn’t it be better to link to lesser-known blogs? No offense Firda, but there is little point linking to you and Megnut, or Dooce as the majority of people know about them.
    Off to check how many sites in my blogroll are written by women.

  4. None taken! Though I highly doubt that I’m as popular as Megnut or Dooce. Not even close! 🙂

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  7. As I prepare my remarks for the Beyond Blogging roundtable this Friday (May 19th)- where I focus on women and blogging, I decided to do some deep searching for women bloggers – now, as a woman blogger, I KNOW we’re out there in droves…but I wanted to see what others were saying, linking to, etc. beyond the women bloggers I already know. That’s how I got here. Thanks for the introduction to some women bloggers I didn’t know about. To all: a lot of women may not be in the Technorati Top 100 or any other Top 100 List, but we’re out there. We’re in the back room, quietly planning a revolution, and guess what? No one will get hurt in the process! (don’t diss the Mommy bloggers – they rule the world.)

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