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Not at all pleased with the Royal Mail

This is really starting to take the piss. I’ve phoned the Royal Mail 4 times now and they still haven’t delivered the package that they’re holding for me. So this afternoon I decided to walk over to their depot, on the basis that it isn’t actually as far away as I thought (though it’s still about half an hour to walk there each way).
But guess what? Their office closes at 12:30pm, and it wasn’t until 3pm that I got there. In other words, I wasted an hour of my time and meant I was walking around in temperatures that were barely above freezing.
I really am tempted to lodge an official complaint. I’ve not managed to get through to a human at their depot all the times I’ve phoned (10 times now, including the times when it’s not been answered at all). I can’t even get the item delivered to my local post office around the corner because I haven’t been able to phone them up. My only option now is to wait until Friday and go in then, since I get Friday mornings off. If I don’t do it then I’m going to be stuck – Saturday I’ll be at Hari’s parents near Birmingham, and I don’t have any other free mornings next week. The item will be sent back next Friday if I don’t claim it.
It surprises me that in this day and age you can’t arrange for undelivered items to be redelivered or redirected online yet. This is 2006, people.


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I’ve had so many problems with Royal Mail.
    I now live only 3 minutes walk from my local sorting office, but because they open at stupid o clock (ie 6:30am when I’m busy leaving for work) and close at lunchtime, I’m screwed. But hey, it’s OK, they open at the same stupid o clock on Saturday and close at 10am (when I’m either still hungover or visiting friends or, shock horror, doing overtime in work).
    My solution? Get someone else to collect it. Not useful for you, but still, even if you live on your office’s doorstep, it doesn’t always help.

  2. You need to make a complaint to the DOM – Delivery Office Manager, as written complaints raised there must be reported to the next level up – the mail centre for your area.
    Used to work for em 😉

  3. Just a quick note on this. Here in Reading, and its outskirts, we have a marked ‘efficiency’ drive with Royal Mail, and some rural sorting offices are closing down. On top of this lots of local post offices are closing down too.
    That having been said, I am advised – not that I have tried it yet – that calling the sorting office and arranging for the parcel to be delivered to a post office is a viable option. I think it costs something like 50p.
    For what it is worth I find ‘private’ parcel services to the home absolutely terrible – just don’t get me started….

  4. That would work if someone would actually answer the phone at the sorting office. I can’t actually get through to anyone at the sorting office to get delivery to a local post office arranged, never mind to my own home.

  5. Hey,
    Yeah I have had mad problems with the royal mail over the last 2 weeks. I ordered a phone to be delivered to me nearly 2 weeks ago. It arived 2 days after payment but wasn’t in to answer the door. Anyway so i phoned the delivery office to try and arrange a re-delivery but like the rest of you I wasn’t able to talk to a human but some computer voice and an answer phone which when trying to leave a message said ‘memory full’. Several hours later i finally managed to complain to a living being and got my item to be re-delivered for 2 days later. However, it is now nearly a week after the promised re-delivery date and my item has still not arrived. I have been to the depot a few days ago but aparently it’s not there and i was just given a piece of paper with their customer services number on and told that once it leaves the depot they don’t know what happens to it. Great so now it is proberbly lost or they just didn’t look hard enough at the depot. Now i’m still waiting for some answers from royal mail who are trying to track it down… or ‘possible compensation’ may be given. This really does take the piss.

  6. Calling the sorting office? Don’t make me laugh. You can leave the phone ringing until your ears bleed and no one answers. Or their other trick is to take it off the hook once they get fed up of hearing it ringing.
    If by some miracle you do get through to a human they know nothing about the problem, it’s not their responsibility so send an email to the complaints department. These jobsworths drive me insane.

  7. perhaps you should read your cards properly. rememeber we have fulfilled the contracrt by delivering when you wasnt in. any other courier would charge. we open when we open. does your doctor open to suit you? no so get a life and sort it properly! A PISSED OFF C0UNTER STAFF PERSON

  8. wel excuse me jase stocks we wouldnt have a problem if you actually bothered to leave a delivery card saying that you have attempted to deliver an item as I have been waiting for so long for my parcel im guessing that you have attempted to send it as thats what i have been told by the sender, now i have gta find out wher to go 2 collect it, i dnt even no the number, not tht i do wana speak to an answer phone. i mean wots so hard with dropping a card through the letter box?!?! atleast i know whot to do then !