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Cross-posting from Movable Type to LiveJournal, part I

As previously mentioned, I’ve set up cross-posting so that everything posted to this blog also get posted to my LiveJournal. Here’s how I did it.

1. Download and install the ljcrosspost plugin

Download ljcrosspost and extract it somewhere. You only really need two files from the distribution – which goes in your MTDIR\plugins folder and which goes in your MTDIR\extlib\twobithacker folder – it’s quite likely that you will need to create this folder first, though extlib should almost certainly be there already.

2. Download and install the Frontier::RPC perl modules

Download the Frontier::RPC distribution and extract it somewhere. You now need to copy the contents of the lib subfolder to your MTDIR\extlib folder, which should result in one module in MTDIR\extlib\Apache and four in MTDIR\extlib\Frontier.

3. Configure the plugin

Because this plugin pre-dates Movable Type 3, there’s no fancy configuration interface – instead, you’ll need to add a template tag to one of your templates – I’d suggest your Individual Entry Archive. Note that the template must be statically generated as this plugin does not support dynamic plugins. The tag you need to add is as follows:
<$MTLJCrosspost user="melody" pass="573ad19d284b4fd9d735c99dc94af893"$>
Change the value of ‘user’ to your LiveJournal username (mine is ‘neilturner’ for example) and ‘pass’ to an MD5 checksum of your LiveJournal password. If you don’t have a tool that computes MD5 checksums to hand, this tool will do it for you – just type your password in, click Calculate and then copy the result.
And that is essentially it! All your posts should now also appear in your LiveJournal. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how to extend this by also including your current mood and what music you are listening to.


  1. Big fan of your blog. I’m working my way through this process now, thanks for putting these pages together!
    I’m ever-so-slowly learning more about Movable Type. I’ve only been using it for about five years, so really it’s a bit much to expect me to know what I’m doing yet…

  2. I found it fairly easy to copy and to and, rename the internal routines, from lj_ to blurty_, and now I can crosspost to