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Who do you look like?

Over at Lemon Garden there’s a link to this tool on that lets you upload an image of yourself and have it tell you which famous people you most look like. I uploaded the following image of me:
And here were the results, in order of relevance:

  1. L. Ron Hubbard (56%)
  2. Rudy Giuliani (54%)
  3. Edward Norton (53%)
  4. Haley Joel Osment (53%)
  5. Tom Welling (51%)

Considering how little regard I have for the Church of Scientology, I wasn’t so happy to hear that I look like L. Ron Hubbard but to be honest I don’t really which is probably why it’s only a 56% match. I hadn’t heard of the people who came 3rd, 4th and 5th, though I suppose I do look a bit like Haley Joel Osment. Even though he’s almost 4 years younger than me. So, who do you all look like?
Note that the site asks you to register, but you don’t have to – just close the registration window when it pops up. You’ll only get one match though, apparently.


  1. Ed Norton is an actor – American History X, Fight Club, The Italian Job
    Giuliani was Mayor Of New York during 9/11.
    Haley Joel Osment was the annoying kid from The Sixth Sense, and also stars in Pay It Forward.
    I’d take the Hubbard comparison as a serious insult. I live within 4 miles of the cult’s UK HQ where Hubbard lived for many years before his death… and I’d love to see the placed burned to the ground.
    It thinks I look like someone called Michael Phelps (who?), Michael J Fox, Vladimir Putin (wtf?) and a few other people I’ve never heard of.

  2. quack: I know who they are *now* – I looked them up on Wikipedia when adding the links. And I said I knew who Rudy Giuliani was 🙂 .

  3. Didn’t know who Edward Norton was, shame on you. Though the only other one I knew was Rudy

  4. Hmm, either I’m truely unique or I managed to break it. It came up with absolutely no matches for my photo.
    I was highly amused that it thought Graham looks like Nigel Short, Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman though (all around 73%).

  5. bla bla bla put who i look like please

  6. Chi Vidiamo