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Screenshot of Hyperwords
A sign that either bloggers are being taken more seriously or that I’m actually popular is that I’m starting to get a few press releases sent to me. Most of the time I ignore them, since they’re often for things I have no interest in, but today I had one for Hyperwords which actually looks quite interesting.
Hyperwords is a Firefox extension, which, upon highlighting words, lets you search for them in various search engines, look them up on dictionaries or find a location on a map, amongst other things. Unlike previous efforts at this like eZula Toptext and Flyswat, it will work on all works and not just those where advertisers have paid for them, and it doesn’t modify how the pages look in any way. Potentially it looks very useful.
The extension also works in Flock but not in any other web browsers.


  1. I want some press releases. 🙁

  2. The extension isn’t that good. No MT support and WP support is limited to 🙁 .

  3. Hi guys,Hyperwords 1.5 is out!
    This is a substantial upgrade, featuring numerous small fixes (WP domains included) and additions and a Toolbar.
    Now this is very cool: Try Hyperwords with the Toolbar only. Go to Preferences (at the bottom of the menu) and click on the ‘Apperance’ tab. Then choose the ‘Toolbar’ mode.
    You can now select text on a page, hit ‘return’ and it will hoist the selected text up to the Toolbar. You may now choose a command with your mouse or use the keyboard shortcuts to rapidly issue commands.
    Take a look at the the new User Guide (also at the bottom of the menu) to learn what else is new and a few tips and tricks if you want to.
    Install Hyperwords for Firefox at