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  • I had my results for my January exams yesterday, and unfortunately they weren’t good. I’ll have to resit them come August, which is a bit annoying, and will need to work harder in the meantime to compensate. Oh well.
  • On a lighter note I’ve booked tickets to see Jerry Springer: The Opera at the Bradford Alhambra on the 22nd May. I anticipate that it’ll sell out so I’ve bought tickets now to get the cheap seats, but even then it’s £14 per seat for the upper circle plus fees. That is, of course, if it even goes ahead – a 2200 name petition has been handed in to stop it being shown. This post by Richard is worth reading – Rich is a Christian but doesn’t seem to see what all the fuss is about.
  • I posted another entry over at SEB, this time about the Anglican church and the fallout from the decision to disinvest from Caterpillar due to their links with the Israeli army. It’s up to nearly 50 comments already.
  • Tomorrow I’m off hiking again, this time around Grassington and Conistone. Hopefully the weather will be good but I’m expecting it to be cold.
  • Next weekend we’re probably going to see Hari’s parents but we’re having a few problems trying to find trains to get back on Sunday. Hari needs to back in Bradford for 2pm and there are no trains from her town that get her to Birmingham for 9am. It doesn’t fair much better by coach. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. Aww, Neil. It’ll all work out OK I hope.
    Good luck.