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A tale of two Googles

Here’s a screenshot of Google’s UK homepage, as seen from most home computers:
Google Off-Campus
And here’s Google’s UK homepage as seen from within our university network:
Google On-Campus
Notice any difference? (read on if you can’t spot it)

It’s subtle, but on-campus users will see a link to Google Scholar along with the links to Google Groups, News, Froogle and so on. I’m guessing Google thought that this service would be of less interest to most Google users, but those in academia will find it more useful. I’m also guessing it’s based on the IP range used by the client.

(Two minor caveats here: most users won’t see the ‘Desktop’ link either – that’s because I have Google Desktop Search installed, and technically I was outside the university when posting this but was proxying through a university server to get the second screenshot).


  1. I expect Google is running a trial. Pretty cool.

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  3. There are tons of secrets unrevealed in Google. 😉

  4. I could have sworn I’ve had the Scholar option from google uk (but am not using anything remotely related to an academic server). Just checked and the option’s not on the front page now (but accessible via the “more” link).

  5. Hey, Neil. You got linked from Inside Google on the Blog News Channel. 😉
    (Also, it looks like your PHP code isn’t getting parsed on a preview. Might want to look into that.)

  6. Thanks for that Ciaran – the preview script is Perl so it can’t parse PHP 🙂 . I’ve removed the code now so it shouldn’t show anyway.