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Jumping through reboot hoops

Gledster was kind enough to point me to this solution to the ‘Can’t Find Requested String.’ error that I’ve been having with my Intel graphics. The problem is a result of me not being American and therefore having my region settings in Windows set to English (United Kingdom) and not English (United States) – the installer will select the correct language file for US English, and indeed for many other languages, but not UK English.
What this means is that you have to uninstall your existing graphics drivers, reboot, set your region settings to US English, reboot, install the new graphics drivers, reboot, change your region settings back to UK English and then do one final reboot. You could possibly get away with only 2 reboots but to do it properly that’s 4. All because of some sloppy programming on Intel’s part that never used to be an issue. I imagine this will also affect Canadians and Australians, too.
Considering the update really doesn’t deliver much, to be honest it isn’t really even worth installing anyway.

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