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Burnt out car

Burnt out car
On my way to campus this morning, I saw this – a burnt out car on a bit of grassland near the university. Seeing cars like that makes me feel sad, as if someone has recklessly taken away someone else’s freedom just so that they can have a quick joyride around a few estates. I don’t drive and have to rely on public transport or walking, which at times can be annoying – it would be great to be able to jump in a car and be able to go there myself without having to put up with delays or walking around in the rain or after dark. I also feel sorry for the firefighters who had to be called out to deal with this, and for the police who will now have the unenviable task of finding out who the culprits were and telling the car’s owner what has happened. Andy, who lives close to where the car was abandoned, wrote about it being on fire last night and has some photos too.
Still, it’s yet another photo for my Rundown Bradford set on Flickr.
On a different note, I have a new article up on Stupid Evil Bastard about how evangelical Christians are preaching creationism in the US. It’s all a bit scary, but you’re welcome to comment over there should you wish. I tend to keep any religious posts over there since the site tends to cover that topic generally.


  1. I only have one take on this and that is to String the little $h1t$ up and beat them severely with a clue bat. You may think that a bit harsh bit I have actually been a victim of this crime and as I had just transfered my insurance to my new car I wasn’t covered. Then to cap it all, I was sent a bill for the removal & storage of the wreck (or if I didn’t want to pay then I could just hand over the registration documents). The car was due to bee sold at the weekend and this happened on the Wednesday night. I was £2600 out of pocket so I was extremely P1$$ed.

  2. My car caught fire and burnt to a crisp on 21 February 2007. It just happened while I was driving between two small country towns. It started a grassfire and poured huge black plumes of smoke into the sky. I have been looking at burnt out cars, but they are not like mine. Mine was black, there was no colour. Two men were easily able to lift the charred remains onto thier towtruck. I’ve been looking for images to create some artwork from it; to retrieve something from an otherwise event of useless destruction.