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Resurrecting lost cookies

As you may well know by now, thanks to my various laments over the past few months, my laptop is a bit knackered in the fan department, and so any processor-intensive tasks make it very hot. Which means that the PSU cuts the power and everything crashes.
A badly-written piece of software, which comes from a very large multi-national PC manufacturer that rhymes with ‘smell’, used up 100% of my CPU for several minutes, which caused the power to be cut out while web browsing. When I rebooted and had ChkDisk clear up the damage, it found that my Firefox cookies file was messed up and ‘fixed’ it. Consequently when I next ran Firefox, I had no cookies.
I have lots of useful stuff stored in my cookies so this was more than just a bit inconvinient. Thankfully, there is a way to recover your delicious delicacies. On your C drive, there should be a hidden folder called FOUND.000, and in it, lots of files called FILE00xx.CHK where xx is some number. You need to go through these and find one that has ‘# HTTP Cookie File‘ in it, followed by lots of web addresses and data. Edit this in Notepad, and remove any gunk that’s in it (big blocks of total garbage, most likely at the end of the file). Then, save this in your Firefox profile.
Thanks to this I have most, if not all, my cookies back. It’s a bit l33t and I wouldn’t try it if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it may save you some hassle.


  1. Of course some of us say “hey, my cookies are important to me” and back the file up. And of course Firefox is better than IE in that you only have to grab one file. Though I wonder if they’re planning on cramming this into sqllite.

  2. Useful snippet of inmformation which has been bookmarked for future use. Cheers