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Random Queries #13

Another one of the random queries used to get to this site:

how to use rampant rabbit

This isn’t that bizarre, it’s just that I’m concerned that a search engine would return a result for this site in its results pages. Though I’d have thought it would be pretty obvious how you would use a Rampant Rabbit.
(If you don’t know what one is, do a Google Search. You may, however, find that several sites are not work safe…)

One Comment

  1. First Post LOL, I did a check on my stats the other day and found 2 queries which sent visitors to my site.
    one was:
    valentines day average money spent. I find this strange as I can’t find a link for my site in the search results.
    The oter one is:
    scouser. which returns my site as #5 ranked. Originally the word scouser existed in only 1 post and a few comments but also as comments on other blogs. Now however I have this post which I’m thinking could help improve my site ranking.