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More Silence

Yet again, I’ve let this blog go silent. This time I’m blaming Telewest, Hari’s ISP, because her internet has been very flaky all week and keeps going up and down like a yo-yo. Despite Telewest claiming to have fixed it on Friday, it was still broken this morning.
I was also away all Saturday in London, and spent most of yesterday in bed recovering as a result. Not that London’s particularly stressful, it’s just that getting up at 6am and not going to bed until midnight does take it out of you.
Today I have a presentation from Kevin McDaniel, the head of Microsoft’s UK Academic Programme. His presentation is entitled “Interoperability – Open Standards and/or Open Source”, and we are to “come prepared to debate!”. Should be interesting – I’ll let you know if it is.
This week is a relatively normal week, though I’m doing more (paid) work than normal this week, which should mean I get some much needed cash. This includes working most of Saturday, but thankfully my course isn’t being too demanding at the moment so I can cope for now. Thursday also sees the start of the annual student union elections, and though I’m not standing as a candidate this time I will probably be supporting some of my friends who are considering standing.


  1. Neil: What is the problem Hari is having with Telewest as I’m also having a problem with them at the moment. I’m just curious as to whether it’s the same problem as my 4Mb connection has slowed down to a crawl.

  2. And yes, we too are having Telewest problems. Is she on UBR 11 by any chance?
    They claim that last week was so bad because of it being half term, which I guess may have made some difference.
    The things we found which helped were changing the mac address of the router – we’d had the same mac address and therefore IP for many years. By changing the mac address we got a very different IP address which seems to have helped.
    And take a look at what chanel your modem is using ( This can be a number from 1 to 3 and is a rudimentary form of load balancing. If you have problems on one chanel then try one of the others. We were on chanel 3 for many years, 2 seemed to make a bit of a difference and now we’re on 1 and running fairly well. Nb. Don’t change anything else on the modem without being told to.

  3. My telewest has been bad for a while. Some of it was housemates downloading, but the rest of it was telewest. From speaking to Telewest several times, the Bradford main router (UBR11) has a high load at the moment, and that they havent actualy done the upgrades to speed in this area yet. I just hope that they upgrade their main hardware before they claim to upgrade everyones speed.

  4. Ok, thanks for the info. I’ve since found out it must me my Windoze box as my laptop & server don’t suffer from this problem.