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Blog, and ye shall receive comments

Manchester Wheel and Turbine I was wondering why I haven’t had many comments lately, but then I realised that I haven’t really said much lately. Although I sometimes get the odd comment from someone falling in through Google, I’ve not had many of those either. I guess I’ll have to make lots of highly controversial posts that invite comment from lots of people.
Anyway, I’ve uploaded a few more photos to Flickr, including this one from Manchester which I’m quite proud of.


  1. I get quite a few comments on my LiveJournal but very few on my actual site. I wish I could come up with a way around that.

  2. I’m stil getting an influx of comments from Digg.

  3. Turn off your Spam protection and you’ll get loads!! 😉

  4. I get 50 or so a day …. all killed by spam protection… where are the real people out there … or is the Internet a myth kept alive by millions of spambots making millions of searches?