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Eve of Valentines

Tomorrow is Valentines’ Day, and for once I’m actually looking forward to it. This is the first February 14th where I#ve been in a relationship, and so rather than sulking about the fact I’m still single, I can enjoy the fact that I’m not.
Because we’re both quite busy tomorrow with various things, Hari and I are not doing anything special tomorrow, though we are planning to go somewhere nice on Wednesday instead. Wednesday also has more significance to us since it’ll be 4 months since our first date. It doesn’t feel like 4 months but I suppose time flies when you’re in love.
(Feel free to throw up now if you like.)
We spent the weekend at my parents’ house in York. Saturday was spent shopping, where we bought lots of chocolate, hot chocolate, and meat (over 2.5kg of beef mince between us), and yesterday we went around the Yorkshire Museum.


  1. *throws up*

  2. well if you are feeling a bit lacking in comments you can have the Hueergh! I almost posted & thought better of on Tuesday 😉
    Nice piccies by the way, I’m most of the way through posting my recent skiing holiday on flikr, the weather was really good so there are some stunning panoramas. (flikr seems to be being a bit contrary with the really huge ones though).