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MyNewsBot spam

Has anyone else noticed lots of spam comments on high profile blogs which all point to I’ve been hit before but deleted the comment because it looked suspicious. Searching Google for ‘mynewsbot’ returns lots of comments by a user called ‘mynewsbot’ but no articles about the site itself. Some of these comments appear on high profile sites like Engadget, which Google reckons has been hit over 500 times. Overall there are nearly 64 000 pages affected.
The comments have perhaps slipped through comment filters because they do look like legitimate comments, in that they don’t look obviously spammy and often relate vaguely to the subject matter. Though the site still has a Google PageRank score of 0, it has now got a lot of links to it, and yet no-one, as far as I can tell, has actually posted an entry about the site.
It’s all very fishy.

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