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As a follow-up to a couple of entries I posted in September 2004 about, the BBC reports that the site has been shut down and that the Department for Trade and Industry has “asked for the company to be wound up in the public interest.” was a bit of a scam. Their aim was to sell concert tickets, with the emphasis on selling the best seats or tickets for events that had already sold out or where tickets were not yet available. The problem was that often they did not actually have the tickets that they claimed to be available by their web site, leaving punters paying for nothing. The site was the subject of two BBC Watchdog investigations.
It’s good to see scams like this being wound up. Some of the tickets on sale cost hundreds of pounds and in a number of cases never arrived – that’s a lot of money to lose out on.

My original entry is here but I posted a follow-up after employees tried to stick up for the company in the entry comments. They seem like a very dodgy operation indeed, and hopefully the case against them will suceed.

Please note that the discussion attached to this entry is now closed. If you are having issues with GetMeTickets, please consult their web site which has details of the insolvency process, and the web site of the Public Interest Unit of the Insolvency Service. If you are having issues with any other company please contact your local Trading Standards Service.


  1. I have unfortunately been scammed by this company and luckly got my money back. The news of them being shut down is the best news I have had in ages. Ha ha to all the employees who were rude and nasty to me on the phone who are now unemployed. 🙂

  2. Just been imformed of the company being shut down. This means I have no ticket for Oasis at Sheffield on 9/2/06 and losing £104 on the standing ticket, £80 on transport and accomadation as I live in Plymouth and £40 on a new (worse) seating ticket. You could probably guess I’m livid and would like advice from anyone who may be able to help me on getting my money back. Thanks

  3. Barry, I am the girl who made the first comment and I had bought tickets to see Oasis last December in Glasgow. I paid transport and accommodation and £140 for tickets. I was promised that I would have my tickets and after two hours of waiting outside the SECC I realised I had been scammed!!!!! However I have read that the Government have recovered some tickets at GMT offices and will be sending them out to customers in the order that they purchased them. The court case is on the 22 march and if you keep checking details will appear for the creditors to register a claim in the liquidation. Your best bet is to buy a ticket outside the venue for the standing area – I wish I had done that as I missed the concert completely.

  4. Another comment by someone who paid over the odds to these scammers for concert tickets. Luckily I paid by credit card but have been informed that I can only claim my money back if either I get written confirmation that I’m not going to get my tickets or the date of the concert has passed. On a happier note, I have managed to acquire better tickets for the same concert for half the price these rip-off merchants charged me.

  5. My wife bought me a ticket for The Rolling Stones at Wembley on 20th Aug as a Xmas & 50th pressie. I have just spoken to David Spanton today & changed the date as I will be working on the Saturday. He didnt say that his company had been wound up but did say that the website for it had been shutdown & gave me the address as the new address. When I spoke to him I asked about delivey & he said that it might be as close as a week before but the tickets would be couriered to me. I did say to him that at that time of year I am in London a lot working so he said he would get them round to me.
    I just hope I will be seeing Mick, Keef, Charlie & Ronnie at Wembley as I used to work there during the 90s so it will be good to be on the other side of the counter!!!
    Ron Fenton

  6. I’m so glad to hear they’ve finally been shut down! I ordered tickets last august for a gig in december that never came. I did eventually get my money back after contacting Trading Standards who were very helpful-that is my advice to Barry. Then you’ll know where you stand.

  7. I feel sick reading this..I had never heard of this company before and paid £280 for tickets..i just hope i get my money back. I will be more careful fom now on abot who i deal with on the internet!!!

  8. I was selling “Little Britain” tickets on e-bay and these idiots bid at the last minute knocking out genuine bidders.The tickets were short-dated,I couldn’t go.They never paid and the tickets were wasted! Despite a “dispute” being initiated since Dec 6th I had very little back-up and never got reimbursed.They are full of s–t!I hope that they all enjoy their new careers! Maybe they will have to drop their arogant attitudes and eat humble pie! Personally I hope that they rot in hell!

  9. I thought I had got tickets forbon jovi southampton 9th june now it looks like I haventi live in Lanzarote can anybody help me as I paid well over the oods for these tickets can somebody please tell me whoI have to get in contact with to get my money back i paid by cc on ebay through pay pal but seems to late for them todo anything.

  10. Dawn
    If you made payment by paypal then you should contact your credit card company and inform them that you never received your tickets and that you wish to do a chargeback. Your credit card company should refund you in full then.

  11. hi,
    i cant bel;ieve it i have been scammed!!i thought i was going to see jack johnson on friday but i wont be as i bought my tickets from this company. i am absolutly devostated, has anybody else done this and wont be seeing jack either!!!

  12. My boyfriend bought me 2 tickets to see the X Factor live tour on Friday 24th Feb at Christmas. I just went on the website to find out where my tickets are and I see all this…. can’t believe it! He also paid well over the odds but is away working. Can anyone tell me who to get in touch with about a refund??? I’m devastated!!! 🙁

  13. Ok, as far as I know, amy person who paid with credit cards should be covered by their card insurance, phone the customer services number on the back of your card. I think also Visa/Delta cards maybe covered with insurance through Visa (although I may be mistaken, the best thing to do is phone your bank & check). I don’t know about Switch cards as I don’t own one. Anybody who paid by cheque (again I’m not sure if this was a possibility) I don’t know what to suggest. An update on the GetMeTickets website reads All enquiries regarding tickets should be directed to the Special Managers via this email address or by telephoning the dedicated help line on 0870 141 7168.
    Hope this helps.

  14. hey i really need help on what to do…
    i bought a ticket for reading festival 2006 and then i find out the company is a screw up and now this
    i paid with credit card could i get my money back??
    what should i do lol thanx

  15. Bloody B*****ds, I paid £200 for 4 Robbie Williams tickets for a concert later this year, luckily my credit card company have managed to get me a full refund plus interest. I have never been scammed before and I am really angry about this and really upset att the realisation that I won’t be seeing RW this year. my 4 year old son is really upset as he loves Robbie – I hope they end up in the best career moves they all deserve – cleaning public toilets.

  16. Just a glimmer of hope for some people, I’ve been waiting for concert tickets since December (concert is on FRIDAY 24th) and they have arrived today, accompanied by a letter from the liquidators saying the tickets might not be as we’d ordered. In fact they were 6 rows from the front. I only found out about all this on Sunday so assumed I wouldn’t be going. Fingers crossed for those in the same boat.

  17. I have booked to see depeche mode 30 March 2006. Absolutely gutted when I found out all this mess. I telephoned the helpline and a gentlemen has told me my tickets should arrive in next 2 weeks, coz I booked early on in year my tickets had been found with many others for this particular gig. this is what they have told me not sure what to believe.

  18. i have booked to see depeche mode 30 march 2006, guted when i looked on website and saw all this mess. range helpline number and a gentleman told me i will receive my tickets in next 2 weeks and a lage amount of tickets have been found on premises. Coz i booked so early on in year, he told me tickets will be sent to my address. not sure what to believe.

  19. Excellent news to see these Con-men getting theres. i was screwed on a foo fighters ticket but managed to get my money back after phoning every other day for 5 weeks. good luck to anyone trying to get tickets / money back.

  20. I bought tickets to see Jack johnson tomorrow and i can’t get through on the helpline….i’m so frustrated! i paid by debit on my visa so i’m assuming i’ll never see my money again? Must admit, reading about everyone else being ripped off has softened the blow slightly so thankyou, i’m sure we’ll all recover after a few bitter years….sob! They were xmas presents for my girlfriend too….. god this is really crap.

  21. Hi Everyone – it may be of interest to know that a similar company based in Aldgate, London operate the same type of scam as Getmetickets – in fact, I believe there is possibly as association.
    A man called Alan Bradly works for Ticketuk. We, along with many others were victims of a COLDPLAY scam in December 2005.
    Keep the pressure on Credit Card companies to pay up. Anyone with further information about this company, please let me know. I intend to get my money back!

  22. It is absoloutely scandelous that you can slander with the statement posted by Shelley on the 24th Feb 2006. TicketUK has been operating in the secondary ticket market for 25 years and is not connected with in anyway. TicketUK is appalled by the behaviour of and refused to trade with them over 2 years ago. The whole industry is in fallout because of the terrible behaviour of and has created a trade association ( for secondary ticket agents to protect consumers. TicketUK is one of the founder members of ASTA and will consider legal action regarding the message that was posted by Shelley. TicketUK was not involved in any scam regarding Coldplay and every paying customer got tickets for the show, i will be contacting Shelley in the morning then i will be calling my lawyers regarding the message left by Shelley on the website as we consider it Libelous and Slanderous. If you need to discuss anything regarding TicketUK please feel free to call our office on 0207 539 3434. ALAN BRADY.

  23. A UK company is a founding member of the American Society of Travel Agents?!?

  24. no Dave think it may be the Australian Science Teachers Association

  25. oops sorry I apologise Dave you are right and I am wrong!!! I never noticed that a website address was left. Perhaps it is Travel agents who they have hired to protect consumers – you know this time of year Travel agents dont do much business and have to top-up their income by any means possible!!!

  26. I brought tickets in january to see the kaiser chiefs on april, what do i do try and claim my money back from my credit card company now or wait and see if the tickets arrive?

  27. I bought my boyfriend a Six Nations rugby ticket. The game is on Saturdary and I was assured I’d get my ticket by Wednesday, it’s now Friday and I haven’t received it. I purchased this through CLICKFORTICKETS. When I tried to telephone them they were ever not answering the phone or it was engaged. I have since phoned the Local Trading Standards Office and anyone paying over £100.00 on their credit card, will get their money back. This is under the Comsumer Act 1974 as the credit card compnay had joint Severly Liablilty with the palce you purchased the tickets from. If you quote this toi the credit card company it will show them you know what you are talking about.
    CLICKFORTICKETS has now shut down, but is trading under the name of LONDONTICKETBROKERS. The man in charge is called David Spanton, who has already been in prison for six months for fraud. Please noone buy a ticket from this company, or any other with David Spanton involved.
    I am also conatcting the police. From the wanring websites I’ve read he is engoriging girls to meet stanrge men to get theri tickets at the last minute.
    This man has two kids, he shoudl be ashemad of himself. How would he like it if they were scammed!

  28. I’ve was scammed by Click for Tickets last year for Reading tickets. the saga can be reviewed here:
    I think we should all keep on regularly checking up to see if anyone else is being scammed and posting blogs etc. this means that if somebody gets scammed again, they can easily find a “support group” with details for trade regulators etc.

  29. Woah, i have only just come across all this stuff and am absoutely devastated. I have depeche mode tickets booked for the manchester gig on 30 march – guess i wont be seeing them then!? Am going to call the number provided as soon as office hours commence tomorrow but does anyone have any idea what happens if you paid by Switch? I dont know if im covered for a refund. Am absolutely gutted – they were a Xmas present for my fiance, i still have to tell him when he gets in tonight…can anyone give me any advice?????

  30. Who would like David Spanton’s mobile number, home address and home telephone number?
    I was scammed by this low-life in December and feel we should all have access to the information I’ve been able to get my hands on 🙂

  31. I have just got scammed also. I paid €504.66 on 8th Dec for 2 Liverpool v Everton tickets on Sat March 25th 2006 (today). I was in constant contact with David at Londonticketbrokers (same as clickfortickets) and he confirmed that the tickets would arrive the week before the match. They didn’t. He then told me that they were sent by Airshore 2 day delivery to Ireland and would be here last Wed. They never arrived. When I contacted him and requested the postal reference number he said that he would do a track and trace on the tickets. Eventually after a number os conversations (at my expense) he said that there was confusion and that he had the tickets. He said that he would getthem sent by UPS to my home in Dublin and get back to me. He didn’t and he took thphone off the hook. On the advice of my credit card co I sent details of the hotel where the travelling parties were staying in Liverpool. He emailed me and phoned me to say that the tickets would be at the hotel by 10:00am on (this) Sat morning. They were never delivered.
    He never had the tickets.
    I have send the details to the trade association in the UK and also to the email address on the Getmetickets webpage. I hopefully will get my money back as I paid by Credit Card.
    I also contacted the security co that David uses to process his credit card transactions (their web address appears when you print off the confirmation from the website when placing the order. We will see what happens!!

  32. Huw
    Could I possibly have Spanton’s detials? I am still phoning him everyday for my money back and e-mailing him 100 times a day (petty I know)! But he will not give me my money back. He even called me a bitch the other day on the phone. I know I paid by credit card and should get my money back, but then he will still be able to keep the orginal money and I don’t see why he shoudl get away with it! Why on earth hasn’t someone put a stop to this conman already! Thanks a lot