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Quick Update

  • Another big reason why I haven’t been writing much here is that I’ve been staying over at Hari’s house quite a bit lately, and with her only having one computer and one network socket in her room means I can’t really do much there. If she continues to play World of Warcraft as much as she is right now (she’s up to level 47) then in future I’ll take my laptop over and buy a network switch for her room.
  • We’re going to the cinema tonight. We haven’t decided what to see yet, but Hari wants to see Memoirs of a Geisha having read and enjoyed the book. We’ve seen Narnia and I’m not so sure if I like the rest of what’s on.
  • Tomorrow I’m going hiking, either to Whernside (if we can get a driver) or around Baildon (if we can’t, since Baildon is reachable by train). The weather forecast isn’t great but it shouldn’t rain hopefully.
  • My Flickr photostream is looking a bit empty and for that I apologise. I do have photos that I need to process and upload but I haven’t really had the time. Some are from Manchester, others are just general ones from around Bradford and I’m sure I’ll take some more tomorrow, wherever we end up.


  1. Its shocking what this “having a life” does to your blog updating 😉

  2. My frequency of posting has gone down due to my Wikipedia addiction 🙁