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I’m sorry for the recent lack of entries here. I had written some to post but ending up deleting them prior to posting, mostly because I was afraid of offending or alienating people or because I had not been able to make my arguments clear. All of them related to recent controversial political events that I feel strongly about.
The most recent one was about freedom of speech, and how I believe in its responsible use. Writing or posting things that are intended to incite hatred against people is wrong in my opinion and that was what the entry was about, citing a couple of very recent events in the news. Alas, I don’t think I’ve been able to articulate myself in a way that firmly puts across my opinion and so I’ve felt it was best not to post them.
I will, however, be posting some less controversial stuff soon. Sorry for the interlude.


  1. Whatever happened to that other blog, you know, the hush hush wink wink one? You could articulate yourself as flimsily as you want there.

  2. I just haven’t had anything to write there. At the time I needed somewhere to vent but lately I either haven’t needed to or had people to do it to.

  3. If you are referring to anti Islamic cartoons (which actually weren’t anti Islam) and the strange reaction by some muslims to restrict freedom of speech, please feel free.
    I would.

  4. Neil you should comment, if you are against the Cartoons as I expect you are it won’t make a difference to anyone you argue against because they are saying speech should be free so you’re more than entitled to your opinion.