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The bullet points shall rule the earth

  • I’m now two days into the second semester of my course, and have had sessions in 3 of the 4 new modules that I take up. One of them relates to statistical analysis of data, specifically crime data, and the other two are computer graphics related. The first seems to be a crash course in using PhotoShop for enhancing images for processing and the other is writing OpenGL applications in C++. We’ve never done C++ before (only Java) so we’re starting from scratch, though I think allocating 2 hours for writing a “Hello Word” application is a bit excessive.
  • We ended up in Manchester on Friday. Did a bit of shopping and then came home – nothing special but it was nice to have a day out away from Bradford. I was at work on Saturday and Sunday was a lazy day.
  • The laptop now has its new owner and I re-installed Windows XP on it on Saturday night. It took the best part of 2 hours to get ready – installing XP itself, then service pack 2 and then all the updates afterwards – but it boots up faster than it did prior to the reinstall and seems generally snappier. Although as more programs are installed computers do slow over time, with this laptop being rather underpowered the slowing was much more noticable.
  • I got my first item of credit card junk mail through the post today. I see this as a sign that my credit rating must be improving, though I’m probably wrong. I’m not going to change my card though – although my current one has a very low credit limit and high interest rate, in the 9 months I’ve had it I’ve only used it 3 times and always paid off the full balance within the first month so I don’t really need a better one. Sure, I may be offered a good rate on balance transfers, but I have no balance to transfer.
  • On the computeriness front, AppZapper sounds interesting. On a Mac, uninstalling a program is no more complex than dragging its icon to the Trash, but this only uninstalls the program itself and not any of its associated user data files, caches and scripts. While this is often no worse than most Windows uninstallers, AppZapper will scan your computer for additional files and offer to remove them along with the program. It’s all wrapped up in what looks like a simple and attractive interface. Lifteime registration is $13 USD but the trial lets you remove 5 apps. Could be useful.


  1. Jeeze Neil….semester….In my day’s at good ole college, or was that uni….we used to have terms….
    Bullets, dont you just love em! Sorry, bullet points..

  2. Oh no, we have terms as well. There are three terms – autumn, spring and summer – but two semesters. Semester 1 is all of the autumn term and the first 2 weeks of spring term, and Semester 2 is the rest of spring term and all of the summer term. Yeah, it’s confusing.

  3. The credit card junk mail has NOTHING to do with your credit rating. They happily send these things to my Gran who has never had a loan, or credit card in her life.
    Unscrupulous buggers the lot of them!